Advanced Classics


Bakuchiol is a natural active ingredient extracted from the seeds of the babchi plant. In traditional Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda, the plant has long been used as a remedy for numerous skin problems. For example, with impurities, as it has a strong antimicrobial effect - in other words, bad bacteria are effectively eliminated. The fact that bakuchiol also smoothes wrinkles and prevents new ones […]

MIIK and MORITZ Only for men


MILK Moist Fluid Rich, vegan fluid with the revolutionary active ingredient complex IONMoist4Men and Hyadisine® Marine, specially designed for the treatment of male skin. The Hyadisine® Marine is a maritime alternative to hyaluronic acid. It gives a long-lasting moisturizing effect and can instantly improve the appearance of wrinkles. For daily care, especially after shaving, as it […]