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16-18 April, 2020
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Daily Beard Oil


COMING SOON: Daily Beard Oil: Vegan beard oil with 9 different vegetable oils for the daily care of the beard and the skin.

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This perfume-free concentrate is proven to brighten skin. The tetrapeptide used can stimulate the synthesis of collagen, strengthen collagen fibres and make skin look more youthful and fresher as a result. The moisturising and hydrating active ingredients contribute to this. With many plant based ingredients, no animal components. Shake before use.


Ampoules Power Whitening

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Natural Hand Care


Exclusive hand care made from predominantly natural ingredients. Shea butter, sun-flower oil, soybean oil and argan oil care for the skin, make it supple and counteract wrinkles. Absorbs quickly.

 STRIPPED Natural Hand Care

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Rich Eye Cream


This rich eye cream is largely based on natural valuable ingredients. Avocado, soya and olive oil, shea and cocoa butter moisturise the sensitive skin around the eyes. At the same time they smooth this area, make it supple and support the regeneration process. These and other ingredients from Mother Nature may help reduce lines or prevent them from developing. This product can also be applied alternatively as a pleasant face cream for very dry and sensitive skin. Application: Apply to skin in the evening and gently pat in with a little pressure making sure that none gets into the eyes. This stimulates the microcirculation.

Protect Power RICH EYE Cream