PRIVATE LABEL / OEM - Made in Germany

Our name is the solution – get your own product line with your individual style


In addition to supplying own brand products, IC INDIVIDUAL COSMETICS also offers high quality private label concepts. The customer receives quality products and services which offer them the possibility of standing out from the competition and making them independent of branded goods suppliers.

This is how it works:
1. Chose the product
2. Define the name and labeling
3. Pick the packaging, folding box

Choose your own packaging, materials and artwork! Individual Cosmetics’ creations are based on the very latest scientific knowledge from research and development. All raw materials conform to cosmetic industry regulations and are free from animal-testing.

We guarantee to create the right image for the product's intend use! Your customer will get the positive feeling of being in good hands.

Furthermore: those who want to give cosmetic or beauty-care products to business partners, staff or customers as presents will be in tune with the latest trends, not only today, but definitely tomorrow as well.

Cosmetics and beauty-care products make the ideal promotion gift for almost every occasion.


We will develop for you
beauty products and ranges of your particular choice

We will support you
with product composition and design

We will fulfill
your orders flexibly, quickly and reliable

We will create
the product packaging for you

We will develop
your idea into a marketable product

Further information: Private Label Website

Download: General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Personalised Productions of IC Individual Cosmetics GmbH