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The skin thickens when you become older, it loses its transparency, crinkles become deeper and the subcutaneous supply worsens. The skin appears tired, dull, craggy and pigmented. A very dry and scabby skin loses elasticity.

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To mark a sustainable success in the improvement of your skin, you should get an AHA TREATMENT at your beautician. We recommend one cure each with three treatments in intervals of 4-6 weeks in spring and one in the fall.

AHA TREATMENT's spectrum of activity:AHA-Treatment

  • Reduction of the thickened upper horny layer
  • Acceleration of cell division
  • Improvement in the moisture levels of the horny layer
  • Reduction in intensity of pigment spots / age spots / freckles
  • Smoothing out of wrinkles and lines
  • Increased product ion of collagen and elastin
  • Improved energy supply to the skin


aha gentle fruit acid cream 422This new vegan cream, based on plant oils, essentially removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. The AHA acids glycolic, malic, tartaric and vegetable lactic acids are used for this. Other important active ingredients help supply/retain moisture, refine the skin’s appearance and regenerate cells. It can reduce pigment spots. Leaves skin with a soft and fresh glow.


AHA TREATMENT 3rd. Generation

This new fruit acid treatment (3 steps) gently removes dead skin layers and activates the renewal process of the skin. Reduces visible changes of pigmentation, improves the skin structure and refines the pores.

This formula contains the classical acids salicylic acid and lactic acid in combination with lactobionic acid and almond acid.

The mandelic acid and the lactobionic acid belong to the group of the third generation.

A study has shown that mandelic acid reduces pigmentation and combat inflammatory acne.

The contained almond acid is antibacterial. In a minimum of time the wrinkles and the structure of the skin will improve. The main difference between glycol and almond acid products is the lack of skin irritation. Lactobionic acid belongs to the PHA acids. They also have the same effects as the AHA acids, but WITHOUT side effects in the form of skin detachments, tingling or reddening of the skin.

2nd product of this treatment: Neutralizer - This formulation is a product which neutralizes the pH value of the skin after applying this concentrate. A high amount of panthenol is added to counteract the daily exposure of the skin.

The COLLAGEN & HYDRO MASK is 3rd component.

This soaked fleece mask soothes and cools down the skin and provides moisture.

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