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For several years now ampoules have been used more and more in cosmetics. Our ampoules consist of highly concentrated active ingredients for different skin needs. Ampoules care is highly effective and uncomplicated. They are almost magical due to their immediate effect!

Directions: Apply to the cleansed skin. Pat in until you feel your fingers stick to the client's skin. Once the precious active ingredients are worked into the skin they can start to have their full effect. Follow up with your individual cream.

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This newly developed concentrate with three types of vitamin C active ingredients can protect you against premature skin ageing. It has a positive stabilizing and protective effect on the epidermal skin structure and additionally is an effective antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. As free radicals damage the collagen structure of the skin. Vitamin C can also reduce the formation of pigmentation spots. The Irish moss it contains also has a moisturizing and soothing effect.


Vitamin A is an essential component for body and skin. This vitamin is also essential for the function and stimulation of the skin. The main active ingredient in CLASSICS is Vitamin A. It influences the collagen structure as well as the enzymatic activity of aging skin. The salon products and the home treat-ments help to make the skin fresher and firmer. CLASSICS products support the skin own protective function. Mature facial contours can be turned into a tight toned shape.



This ampoule concentrate contains soothing main active ingredients such as extracts of Swiss stone pine and prickly pear. Panthenol also soothes the skin.
In addition, the ampoule has a moisturizing effect.


This new lifting ampoule was specially developed for the eye area.

2 revolutionary, award winning ingredients form the core of the mode of action:

Beautifeye™ and EYESERYL® peptide.

Beautifeye™ is the ideal anti-aging active ingredient. It is the first active ingredient of its kind, which has a lifting effect on the loose upper eyelid, and can reduce crow’s feet. This occurs by strengthening the skin structure, and increasing its contractile characteristics. Dark rings and swelling underneath the eyes are reduced.

EYESERYL® peptide also promises to relieve the swollen eye area, and reduce dark eye rings. In addition, it has a moisturising effect and helps to regenerate the elastin and collagen matrix, and/or restructure the connective tissues.

Beautyfeye™ ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Sederma (France).
EYESERYL® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Lipotec (Spain).