Logo STRIPPEDTotally natural... “Stripped”

Hand on heart - we are careful what we eat, buy local fruit and vegetables from the market, make sure the products are as natural as possible and in terms of clothes we think consciously and buy materials that are made out of organic cotton.

Cosmetic products literally get “under our skin”. That is exactly why your daily skin care regime should also meet the highest standards. It should also moisturize and nourish sensitive skin with the very best from nature and with valuable ingredients.

“Stripped” is pure skin care that works without any artificial ingredients that irritate skin, as the name implies. The new range of natural cosmetics shows that you can have everything: The products do not contain any mineral and silicon oils, PEGs and chemical emulsifiers. We deliberately did not use any artificial colour, synthetic perfume and added preservatives while developing our new range. Soothing and moisturizing substances and active ingredients ensure that stressed skin is revitalised.

STRIPPED 24h Moisturizing Effect

24hMoisturizingEffectCreamSpenderOur 24 h cream is a real power mix of the very best that nature has to offer! Beneficial almond oil, rich argan oil and fresh grape seed oil are the trio that together with squalane, the natural moisturizer from olives, supplies your skin with pure moisture for 24 hours. Valuable Cupuacu butter from Brazil makes it easier for the high quality active ingredients to penetrate into the skin. An innovative extract of sugar beets and natural corn starch ensure the perfect moisturizing effect. Annoying greasy film? Definitely not, thanks to the high percentage of saturated fatty acids, which conjure up a soothing film that is as light as a feather and reduces water loss leaving you with fresh feeling skin!

STRIPPED Cleansing Fluid

stripped cleansingfluid c21This fragrance-free cleansing fluid can provide an immediate well-groomed skin appearance. Thanks to numerous ingredients such as organic aloe vera, organic sunflower oil, hyaluronic acid and almond oil, it is moisturizing.

STRIPPED Active Eye & Lip Cream

Active Eye Lip Cream SpenderFits into any make-up bag and is a real must-have for anyone who relies on natural ingredients and cosmetics without any parabens, silicon oils and artificial colour or synthetic perfume: the Active Eye & Lip Cream from our new range will instantly become your all-purpose weapon against dark shadows and puffy eyes. By the way, it can also be used highly effectively against chapped lips in frosty temperatures or in a dry office climate! The power duo of moisturizing sugar beet extract and corn starch combined with valuable natural oils (jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, argan oil and Cupuacu butter) for rich care and silky, soft skin.