Logo STRIPPEDTotally natural... “Stripped”

Hand on heart - we are careful what we eat, buy local fruit and vegetables from the market, make sure the products are as natural as possible and in terms of clothes we think consciously and buy materials that are made out of organic cotton.

Cosmetic products literally get “under our skin”. That is exactly why your daily skin care regime should also meet the highest standards. It should also moisturize and nourish sensitive skin with the very best from nature and with valuable ingredients.

“Stripped” is pure skin care that works without any artificial ingredients that irritate skin, as the name implies. The new range of natural cosmetics shows that you can have everything: The products do not contain any mineral and silicon oils, PEGs and chemical emulsifiers. We deliberately did not use any artificial colour, synthetic perfume and added preservatives while developing our new range. Soothing and moisturizing substances and active ingredients ensure that stressed skin is revitalised.