STRIPPED Active Herbal Foam

Active Herbal FoamFor your skin to be able to effectively absorb the valuable natural ingredients it calls for a facial cleanser that cleanses gently and prepares skin for other products. Our mild foaming facial cleanser from our natural cosmetics range is gently invigorating: it is refreshing with its natural, active cleansing substances and herbs in the morning. Using Active Herbal Foam in the evening is a beneficial, deep cleansing beauty ritual. Skin is not dried out thanks to the use of sugar beet and corn starch extracts.

Essential ingredients from the very best of nature, such as soothing blackcurrant extract, regenerating and anti-inflammatory filipendula herb extract and the power ingredient of pomegranate extract with exceptional regenerating substances and protective substances against free radicals help skin to maintain its natural balance. Soothing camomile is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Witch hazel pampers irritated and cracked skin and stops itching. Fig extract activates cell regeneration and increases the skin’s water retention capacity. Environmentally friendly without any propellants or similar.